What the What?!?

That’s what conversations with the students often leave me saying. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Chevron Arrows

Monday, June 3rd

All day today, the library has been packed to the rafters with 11th graders hurrying to type up their joint History/English research paper, due by 3:30 pm. I ask one kid who I’ve seen multiple times today how close to the minimum word count he is-the answer is not encouraging. Then I ask him classmate and I get the following response: 

“Oh me? I’ve got a G and some change. I’m good.”

Took me several seconds to even figure out what he meant much less whether is was good or not…

Chevron Arrows

Tuesday, May 14th

While discussing my plans for the fall, since this is a long term sub position:

“You can’t take a job at School X, School Y or School Z Ms. Waldron. Because you are too good for them and you deserve better. ”

(Schools X, Y and Z are main sports rivals for this high school.)

Chevron Arrows

Tuesday, April 9th 

“Ms. Waldron, give up this animal hording charade and just have kids already!”

(After I finished describing my morning routine of saying good-bye to my pets and telling them to have a good day.)

Chevron Arrows

Friday, March 22nd 

“Ms. Waldron, I want alpacas and llamas somedays. But also, I really want to be a llama.” 

Chevron Arrows

Tuesday, March 19th

“Ms. Waldron, you have Simpson legs today.”

(To be fair, I was wearing my bright yellow tights that day. I thought of them as happy and spring time appropriate but yeah, I guess they could also be called Simpson legs tights.)

Chevron Arrows

Wednesday, March 6th 

Student: “Ms. Waldron, you smell good, like home.”

Me: “I smell like your house?”

Student: “No, not like my house. Like home.”

Chevron Arrows

Tuesday, March 4th

While sharing advice from the outdoor survival book he’s checked out,

“If we were lost in the woods together Ms. Waldron, we would totally survive. But we’d probably have to eat your dog.” 

Chevron Arrows

Friday, March 1st 

Some of my male students are obsessed with testing our new Beta fish’s “abilities”. Of the many questions and comments I’ve fielded about the fish, I never saw this one coming: 

“Ms. Waldron, can I drown the fish? I’ll make it look like an accident.” 

Chevron Arrows

Monday, February 25th

I ask one of the students who hangs out after school why he always wants to mess with other people’s things. He explains it to me as follows: 

“I’m like a dragon Ms. Waldron. I like to gather up other people’s treasures. Also, I live in a cave and come out at night to fight and cause trouble.” 

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