Get to Know the Women Under the Bun

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a librarian. The journey to this place has been a long and windy one. Despite loving to read from the time I learned how and thus, spending a great deal of my life in libraries and around librarians, the idea of becoming a librarian never crossed my mind. I went from high school to community college to a SUNY school to complete my undergrad and never got any closer to identifying what I wanted to do with my life beyond, “help people somehow.” So, after college I took a job as an admin assistant for an upscale athletic club’s business office. It was a great learning experience and I loved everyone I worked with every day. But I knew it wasn’t the career for me (much the same way you can really like and enjoy someone but not they aren’t “The One”) so when the opportunity to go back to school presented itself I jumped at the chance to finally figure out this puzzle and put the opportunity to use. I picked up a book on careers for book lovers and the first chapter was on librarianship. I skipped it. Librarians were mean, mousy, shhers and I was not any of these things. Unfortunately, none of other careers outlined in the book was right for me either. Dejected, I decided to at least skim the librarian chapter before I returned the book. And that is when it all clicked and knew: I had been so so wrong about librarianship. It was helping people, it was technology and it was so much more than books. I finally had my path, I had to become a librarian.

I created this blog as part of class assignment. I’ve kept it going as a way to explore anything and everything that interests me in the librarianship world. From cute outfits to new technologies and curriculum ideas, if it catches me eye it’ll be explored and shared here.

Now, some fast fun facts to help us get to know each other even better:

I married my high school sweetheart (after a mere 6 and a half year engagement):   

We have three adorable kids:  

My hobbies and interests include but are not limited to: reading, crocheting, knitting, quilting (really anything remotely crafty-espicially if it involves glitter), gardening, hiking, canoeing, fishing (I really want to master the art of fly fishing), mojitos, ice cream, Starbucks coffee, and eating food other people make because it always tastes better when someone who isn’t me makes it.

*Disclaimer: Obviously being a librarian is about so much more than wearing your hair in a bun, pushing your glasses down your nose and glaring people into silence. The title of the blog is a little tongue in check nod to the stereotypes people have about librarians and how I almost let those stereotypes keep me from my dream career. 
So please, no hate mail or lectures.  

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